A Senior Profile – Trevor Kinney

4 Years in Drama Club, RCTV Studios, love for Film/Screenwriting

By Catherine Adams

For those that do not know Trevor, he displays an approachable personality because he is always smiling when seen around the halls of RMHS. And those that know him describe him as a kind and respectable student of the RMHS class of 2020 worthy of recognition. 

Trevor has made an impact on the school academically and through extracurriculars. He has made the Honor Roll, continuously for all four years. He was also inducted into the National Honor Society which is an organization that honors students with high GPAs and who do community service work.

Trevor has immersed himself in the RMHS Drama Club. Since Freshman year, Trevor has held roles on the technical crew. As Assistant Stage Manager, Assistant Director, as well as other positions like Light Board Operator, Spotlight Operator, and Run Crew member, Trevor has helped produce the plays. He was honored by the club for all his hard work, receiving a scholarship award.

In addition to the Drama Club, Trevor has been a member of the Rocket Independent Video club for the past four years. This year, he held the position of president. He oversees projects as well as works with the club advisors to create project themes based on what the club members want to do. 

His dedication and love for the film and screenwriting industry got him a “fan favorite vote” at a 72-hour film festival. The event and receiving an award, Trevor says, is the highlight of his high school experience. This year it was his team’s third year competing in the event. Winning first place their first year, this past year Trevor wanted to bring home a win. Getting the fan-favorite vote was an experience of a lifetime. 

Because of his love for film production, Trevor has worked at RCTV Studios for four years. There, he films and edits government meetings, local events, and community programming. He also covers studio rentals, and is as a counselor for various classes and camps held at the studio. This job helps him pursue his love for cinema production. 

Trevor volunteers at the YMCA’s Sunday Swim program, where he plays with and helps children with disabilities learn how to swim. Trevor says that “being able to help bring joy and happiness to those who need it is such a satisfying thing to be able to do”

He also volunteers at Artis Senior Living, interacting and running activities for residents with memory conditions. “Being able to bring smiles to the resident’s faces always left me with a sense of joy, which kept me going back to continue to volunteer,” he shares. In addition, last year Trevor volunteered as a CCD teacher for first graders at St. Agnes Parish. “Giving back to others is something I feel is truly important to do, and I’m very thankful for the service opportunities that allow me to do that”

Trevor’s strength in academics are evident in the rigorous courses he has taken. In the past four years, Trevor has taken all honors-level classes and additional Advanced Placement classes. This year, Trevor continues his academic rigor taking Advanced Placement BC Calculus, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Honors Film Literature, Honors French 5, Honors Psychology, Honors Story Writing, and Basics of Guitar and Tech Theatre as electives. 

Through Trevor’s time at the high school, his teachers have inspired him through the intense and interesting classes that he has taken. Ms. Lombardo, his favorite teacher taught his AP Language and Composition last year.  This class strengthened his academic abilities and helped drive his desire to learn and improve even further. Trevor says, “My skills have grown in not just for my English classes, but all other subjects as well.” Ms. Lombardo was thankful to have Trevor in her classes saying, “Trevor was a dedicated and hardworking student who truly cared about the material we were studying.  He also used his unique talent in filmmaking to display his argumentative skills in a creative format”

Aside from his studies and time in the plays, Trevor likes to hang out with friends, play video games, edit videos, and watch movies. He likes to eat pasta, and ice cream and watch his favorite movie, Shawshank Redemption. 

What he will remember most about high school is all of his great friends he met along the way and all of the teachers who have made his experience so enjoyable; people he will never forget.  

Trevor hopes to pursue a career in directing or screenwriting. He hopes to attend Syracuse University where he would major in film production. 

Trevor shares that through his high school experience, “I’ve grown so much as an individual, and learned skills I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I’ve met so many amazing people, made so many unforgettable memories, and learned so much.  It’s a period of my life I could never forget.”

Trevor would like to thank family, friends, and teachers, and teachers who made his pas four years an incredible time. He says it would not have been the same without them. 
Trevor resides on Highland Street with his mother Kathleen, father Kevin, and brother Kevin (15).

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