The Town of Reading and RCTV Studios to Host Focus Groups to Explore Community Media, Technology and Cable


Cable Focus GroupThe Town of Reading and RCTV are seeking your input about the cable-related community needs and interests.

Join us for one of three focus groups on June 7th or 8th, 2017 and let your voice be heard.

This is part of the cable franchise renegotiation process between the Town and Comcast. Residents, parents, school teachers and staff, young people, community groups, healthcare and technology professionals, public safety providers, media and arts organizations, non-profits, businesses, and local government staff are being sought to participate in the focus groups.

Attend the session that best fits your schedule.  You don’t have have to be affiliated with a group to participate.

June 7, 2017  |   From 3-5pm at the RMHS School Media Center
For Educators, Sports and Youth

June 8, 2017 |  From 1-3pm at the Reading Public Library Community Room
For Local Government Departments, Agencies, Boards, and Local Businesses

June 8, 2017  |  From 7-9pm at the Reading Public Library Community Room   
For Local Organizations such as; Community Arts, Cultural, Heritage, Human Service and Faith Based


Each focus group lasts two hours and refreshments will be provided. The focus groups are organized to encourage people with like interests to attend the same meeting to facilitate brainstorming, but anyone may attend any focus group. The presentation and questions will be the same at each focus group.

Learn about the cable system, media communications and new cable/broadband technologies. Brainstorm about the future of RCTV Studios.
Complete a questionnaire and help shape our future.


For more information, email Philip Rushworth at or call 781.944.8888

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