A Senior Profile – Matteo Coelho

President of the Art Club and Rocket Independent Video Club; works at RCTV

By Olivia Romos of the Daily Times Chronicle 

Matteo Coelho is a dedicated and committed senior at Reading Memorial High school and is a member of the National Honors Society. During sophomore year, he was granted the core value award for Responsibility. As the President of the Art Club and the Reading Independent Video Club at RMHS, Mateo is known by his peers as determined in his work, outgoing, and above all, kind to everybody he meets. Matteo is employed at the Reading Community Television on Main Street and enjoys working at RCTV because he feels he is always bettering himself and securing his future in pursuing film in college. He believes the skills and tools he 1has acquired to produce content, have been mostly thanks to his workplace. Whether it’s helping direct locally produced programming, running camera for RMHS Sports coverage, or filming government meetings, Matteo is constantly exposed to what he enjoys.

“My bosses Angela Merrill and Phil Rushworth have been a huge part of my growth as an artist and as a person in general.” Matteo shares. Matteo has worked with: many young people at RCTV that either have or are working towards their Film and Communication Degrees. They have taught him all he, knows about composition and storytelling through screenplays and camera work; To mention just a few, Courtney Quinlan, Alexander Witham, Rob Moore, and Anna Cuevas.

Matteo recalls one of the r most rewarding moments in his, High School career when he found out he was accepted into a summer intensive program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. An additional rewarding moment was when he opened for the Old 97’s with his band Millennial Sob Story played at the Once Ballroom in Somerville.

Matteo reflects on his old friend Mason Haynes, who wanted to start a band together early their freshmen man year. Matteo began to teach himself bass lines on his aunt’s old acoustic and eventually saved enough money to buy his own. Initially, it was just Matteo, Maddy Feltus, and Josh Liberman.

Matteo had known Maddy from an RCTV camp that they attended and he was familiar with Josh because they both went to Parker Middle School. The band played at a little Oscar Party for a small family audience packed in a living room. Matteo had the name thought up for their potential band and when he proposed it, it was fairly well received. Matteo mentions that originally the members had thought it was too ‘angsty’ for a couple months, so the name was up in air. They tried The Hell Raisins but they were definitely not punk enough for that, so they went back to their roots, finalizing Millennial Sob Story.

They released a single back in August called Easy and they are hoping to release more this upcoming winter break. Their current lineup is Maddy Feltus, Josh Liberman, Adam Chase, and Olivia Blumenshine. “It’s a true fellowship that I’m extremely lucky to be a part of.” Matteo shares.

Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest is a big inspiration for Matteo. Matteo states that Toledos’ songwriting speaks volumes and at its core is “this undying empathy”. Jake Ewald and Brendan Lukens from Modern Baseball are also equally as inspirational, with a little more hyper-intellectuality in their songwriting, but not enough to be pretentious just self-aware. The Pixies, an American alternative rock band, have always had a huge influence on him, as well as the band.

What Matteo loves most about music and art is feeling like you’ve made something that wasn’t there before. He mentions that it’s an expression of yourself and reflection of your thinking. Matteo has also participated in volunteer work for his employers at RCTV and he has helped with photographing events for the town as well as RMHS.

Matteo has taken multiple demanding honors classes during his time at RMHS. Matteo has always been known as a superlative student and his course load this year is nothing less than rigorous. Matteo will be taking Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Calculus, Advanced Placement Art, Honors Story Writing, Film Production, Advanced Placement European

History, Honors Film and Literature, and Advanced Placement Spanish in the duration of his senior year. His favorites classes over the course of his high school career consisted of, Honors British Literature, Honors History 11, Pre-AP Studio Art, Honors American Literature.

“My favorite teachers have always encouraged me to grow, and have pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. I consider them mentors with the highest regard. ” Matteo shares. He would like to thank Ms. Crosby, Ms. Davis, Ms.Cuevas, Mrs. Thyson, Mr. Broken-Rope, Mrs. Gleason Mr. Ryan, Mr. Radvany, Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. Binaghi, and Mr. McVety. Matteo says that he will always remember the mentors, friends, and teachers at RMHS and co-workers at RCTV who have helped him find his way these last 4 years. Additionally, he would like to thank his mother Jennifer Coelho, his father Mike Coelho, and his sister Ava Coelho for supporting him in everything he does. He resides at 36 Chute Street with his family.

Although it is too early to decide where Matteo will be attending college, his top choice remains the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He plans on pursuing a BA or BFA in Filmmaking and Visual Arts.

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